Have you ever been in a job interview and been asked the question, “What value will you add to our company?”

By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly how to answer that question and much more.

The absolute #1 best way to get paid top-dollar, get hired or get promoted to the position of your dreams is to first show the world that you’re willing to do the job for free (but, trust me, you won’t have too).

If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

Become so valuable they can’t ignore you

Let’s take a quick look at how a company called AirBnB became so valuable that it disrupted the billion dollar hotel industry.

Become So Valuable They Can't Ignore You

AirBnB enables people to list, find, then rent vacation homes for a processing fee.

If you’re like me, than you probably never heard of this company until about a year ago. (Or knew how to pronounce the name. It’s “Air Bee N Bee”, by the way.)

The story that most people don’t know is that AirBnB’s founders, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia, became valuable and investment-worthy while they were dead broke and looking for a way to pay there rent.

Before this global business became what it is today, a company worth $30 billion dollars, Brian and Joe decided to rent out air mattresses in their loft apartment and offer guests breakfast for $80 a night to cover their rent.

They called this little enterprise Airbed & Breakfast.

Within 2 years they received an investment of $20,000 from Y Combinator (the world’s most powerful startup incubator according to Fast Company) and went on to become valued at a billion dollars less than a year later.

Click Here to view the infographic of AirBnB’s epic journey!

Now, let’s take a step back…

Imagine if these guys had gone to a bank and asked for a loan, “We want to start renting out airbeds in our loft and need a loan.”

Become So Valuable They Can't Ignore You

What’s so funny?

Luckily, Brian and Joe got the last laugh.

The reason Airbed & Breakfast (now AirBnB) received massive investments and was perceived as valuable is simple: They were already doing the job and providing value to the marketplace.

Almost Every Startup Has This Type of Story

It’s nearly impossible to recall a business or company that went directly from an idea to earning millions of dollars without the process of trial and error (with zero funding).

From AirBnb to Uber to Facebook, the stories are all pretty much the same.

But let me give you an example you might be able to relate too.

Many times simply noticing a trend or problem within your industry and offering a solution is all it takes for you to become so valuable they can’t live without you.

That’s what happened in the case of Ray Higdon.

Check out the tips I reveal in this Blog Review I did of Ray Higdon.com

Ray is a network marketing consultant to some of the largest MLM companies on the planet. He coaches million dollar earners on how get more leads, get more sales and recruit more reps. (I think that’s his actual slogan.)

When Ray was introduced to the business of network marketing, he was deeply in debt, in personal foreclosure, hiding from bill collectors, avoiding the phone and his girlfriend was paying his electricity bill.

Become So Valuable They Can't Ignore You

And you thought you were having a bad day.

But, what happened next is the exact thing that you want to happen to you.

Ray busted his butt for 5 months learning the ins-and-outs of network marketing and began producing some results.

Here’s what he did that made him become so valuable that he couldn’t be ignored: He noticed that many of the network marketers he came across were struggling to have success.

They all seemed to be dealing with the same issues:

  • How do I get people to look my business?
  • How do I market online?
  • How do I not come off as pushy?
  • What should I say to potential prospects?
  • How do I answer certain questions?

And instead of being the guy who has all the answers but refuses to share them because he’s worried that eventually his competition will catch up to him…Become So Valuable They Can't Ignore You

Ray started to create FREE training’s to share with his team to help them become better at what they were doing. (notice the word FREE)

That tiny little insight is what created a blog that today regularly earns over $4,000/day.

Ray no longer actively pursues a career as a network marketer. Instead he focuses solely on helping those within the industry achieve their goals and has become one of the most sought-after coaches in the world.

So how can this help you…

If you were paying attention (which I’m sure you were), then you noticed that in both the AirBnB story and the rise of Ray Higdon, they both started doing a job before getting paid to do it.

Right now, you might be saying to yourself, “But I don’t even know where to start.”

If so, let me assure you, you are in the right place.

At one point in my life, I was wanting to work at an extremely large finance company that offered financial services to people looking to invest into their future.

Prior to getting this job I had started a blog called Money-Minded that I used to teach people how to start saving money and what to do with the money they were saving.

I based everything I taught on a book I read by Tony Robbins called Money: Master The Game.

Watch this video on the technique I used called I.L.T. (Invest, Learn, Teach)

When I was being interviewed for this job, I was up against some pretty stiff competition:

  • People with finance degrees (I don’t have one)
  • People with years of experience in finance (I had none)
  • People with connections in finance (I basically walked into the building)
  • People with finances (I had very little)

But when the interviewer asked me, “What value will you add to our company?” My answer was, “Well, I started a blog 4 months ago and have 247 subscribers who I advise weekly on how to earn money online and invest it in ways that will help them earn more money.”

After hearing that I actually thought he was going to wrap up the interview and send me packing because he closed the folder he was looking at with my resume in it.

But instead he asked me, “What’s your website?”

He then pulled it up and my website now became my resume.

The fact that I had already been creating valuable content and people were subscribing and taking my advice is what got me the job.

I immediately became someone who, in their eyes, was too valuable to let walk out the door.

Click here if you don’t have a blog but you’re starting to see why you need one. (Free Training)

Wrapping Up

If…companies like AirBnB can take an idea and turn it into something that the world now values at over $30 billion dollars (and growing)…

If…people like Ray Higdon, can identify a problem in the marketplace and offer a solution…

If…I can brand myself as an industry authority and get a job simply by blogging…

Then you can become so valuable they can’t ignore you simply by implementing your idea, solving a problem or blogging about something you enjoy.

Eventually, people will notice and you will be rewarded.

Can you think of any other ways you can become so valuable they can’t ignore you? If so, please share your thoughts below in the comments and consider sharing this post on one of your social network.

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