It’s is well known among entrepreneurs, bloggers and Fortune 500 companies that email is still the #1 channel for creating business growth and generating repeat business.

The inbox is still sacred ground.

Effective email marketing campaigns & blogging are the only ways for small-business owners and solopreneurs to compete in today’s world.

When it comes to email marketing tips and techniques, it seems like everyone on the planet has a suggestion.

Email marketing tips and techniques

Wow. That’s a lot of suggestions.

Unfortunately, many of the so called “standard practices” in email marketing are actually hurting most open rates and causing your subscribers to tune you out.

Much of the advice that’s being circulated is either old, out-dated or untested.

In this article I’m going to share with you 7 proven tips that will change the way your tuned-out subscribers feel about your message.

How Do I Know These Tips Work?

I think it was Warren Buffett who said, “Mistakes are a great way to learn, but they don’t have to be yours.”

One of the best lifehacks I’ve utilized over the years is learning from the mistakes of others. This mindset has saved me years if not decades of headache and setbacks.

The secret email marketing techniques you’re about to learn were presented to me by content and email marketing jedi Susan Su.

Susan Su is a partner on the 500 Startups Distribution Team, specializing in content and email marketing. She has previously run marketing and growth for Inside Network (acquired byWebMediaBrands in 2011),, and Ramit Sethi.
As you can see, Susan has worked with the best and is an industry leader when it comes to this subject.

I’ve taken her advice and implemented many of these strategies you’re about to learn and saw an over 300% increase in my email open-rates.

email marketing tips and technique

My original highest open percentage was 18%!

7 Secret Email Marketing Tips and Techniques

  1. Stop Using Images

During this boom of online businesses and email marketing, it seems like we completely forgot what the sole purpose of email was.

It’s to communicate through text.

But for some reason we started using emails as landing pages to show off our design expertise and creativity. That trend is actually hurting not only your open rates, but most of all, it’s hurting your conversions.

What is a Conversion? The point at which a recipient of a marketing message performs a desired action. Getting someone to click a link in an email is a conversion.
Here are just a few of the reasons why your image packed emails are doing more damage than good:

  • Makes it difficult to identify the purpose of the email
  • Spam & promotional email filters are automatically alerted
  • Users have to usually click to allow the image
  • Reduces the importance of your call to action
  • It’s impersonal

If you’re in my inbox, I consider you a friend. No need to try to impress me anymore. You already impressed me on your website (which is why I subscribed).

Now I just want you to talk to me. Like a human. Not like a billboard.

email marketing tips and technique

Had to dig deep down into my promotions folder to find this one.

In the above example, I didn’t even have the energy to figure out what the heck they wanted me to do. There was so much going on, that I’m just now noticing that they’re offering pumpkin delivery.

Wait, what??? Pumpkin delivery?

Anyway, as you can see, it looks cool and even makes you think, “Wow, how did they do that?”

But remember, I’m giving you insider secrets that most people don’t know. This kind of email won’t convert as well as an email that (a) didn’t end up in my promotions folder or (b) didn’t force me to click view images to see it.

Now, I understand that sometimes it’s just too tempting to not include a beautiful image in your emails. So here a few quick fixes if you must.

  • Limit yourself to 1 image
  • Use an image alt text that describes the picture
  • Compress, compress, compress. (I use CompressPNG for my images.)

Leading people to a landing page is ideally the best place to display those gorgeous images of yours.

2. Keep It Short

Somewhere along the way, people decided to start using email as a place to share full-length 1,000+ word blog articles and sales pages.

I’m not against sharing anything you want in people’s inbox, but isn’t the goal of email marketing to get people back to your website?

Keeping this in mind will help you slim down your emails, which will stop this from happening:

email marketing tips and technique

What? There’s more??

Now, not only must I allow images, but in addition to that I also have to click LOAD MORE to see the rest of your email.

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Truncated emails are the arch enemy of email marketers. In a perfect world, the full message would be view-able the instant the email is opened.

But in the case, that you must explain, define or give a large amounts of information please follow these tips:

  • Stick to just using text
  • Display a clickthru link to read longer content
  • Make sure your call to action is near the top of the message

When I’m feeling lazy, I tend the simply click the link before reading. Marketers who have a link near the top of their message love my inbox.

3. Craft Attention Worthy Subject Lines

This email marketing tip isn’t really a secret. Most marketers understand the importance of grabbing people’s attention online.

But from time to time I’m sure you’ve gotten an email in your inbox that made you regret opening it.

I’ve been there…

email marketing tips and technique

No I didn’t.

Nothing is worse than a promise unfulfilled.

Not only did this subject line lie, but it was asking me for money.

I couldn’t unsubscribe fast enough.

The key to crafting a good email subject line is to be informative and honest. Click-bait subject lines have no place in an email inbox.

Use tools like CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer and the Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer to determine whether your honest email subject line is catchy enough.

email marketing tips and technique

If you really want to increase your email open rates, here’s a good ninja trick for your headline: keep it short, informative & interesting

Here are a few examples:

  • Here’s how to make $5 today
  • My prediction for your business
  • Left-handed people live longer

The main takeaway from those is that the subject lines are interesting and informative. Instead of having to guess what it’s going to be, I already know what to expect.

Use this technique wisely and watch your open rates soar.

4. Bad Content

Past experiences are the #1 indicator of future results.

This tip should pretty much go without saying. But I’ll say it anyway…

If you send an email with bad, lazily written content, don’t expect that subscriber to open your next email.

Try to avoid sending emails that have boring/irrelevant information, are trying to hard sell a product or contain information that has nothing to do with the reader (aka me-mails).

An example of bad email content would be something like this – someone signs up to your list and them immediately receives an email about a product you created that’s helping 1,000’s of people and is on sale for the next 72.

What do you think that subscriber is going to do to the next email you send them?

Ignore it.

It’s only when your emails give value, that you finally start becoming valuable.

In the words of Gary V, “Give, give, give, give, give, give, ask.”

5. Email Segmentation

The whole point of segmentation is to provide more relevant content to your email recipients. To do that, you’ll have to take the time to craft targeted campaigns that take into account not just list segments, but also lead data, and trigger events that help customize your email campaigns further. – Hubspot
This is what separates the wanna-be’s from the professionals.

Email segmentation is the next level when it comes to email marketing strategies.

email marketing tips and technique

Just look at those segmentation increase percentages…

This is one of the best kept secrets in the entire world of email marketing.

Many small-business owners and entrepreneurs, understandable, have absolutely no idea about this concept.

Most people tend to believe that every person who subscribes to their list is looking for the same thing.

But as you can see from the picture above – if you can capture visitors based on what they are most interested in, your overall rate of success and profits increases.

Here on I have over 10 different segmentation groups (and growing).

Humans are diverse creatures.

And since I’m focused on teaching about all aspects of creating and running a successful website/blog, I have to cater to a variety of needs.

Yes, it takes a lot of work.

Yes, it’s worth it.

And no, I don’t have 17 different autoresponder series’.

All of the entry points start off with a custom email and slowly funnel them into one of 3 main email subscription lists:

  • Newbies
  • Intermediate Bloggers
  • Online Authorities

Each list allows me to speak directly to the needs of that subscriber.

6. Don’t Let Your List Go Dormant

I’ve literally heard business owners say they’re waiting for their list to hit 100 subscribers before sending out their 1st email.

That’s insane.

This #1 enemy of email marketers are dormant subscribers.

Even if you only have 1 subscriber, EMAIL THEM!

Letting subscribers go dormant is like getting a paycheck in the mail and never cashing it. In fact, you waited so long that the check expired.

Get the secret to activating your subscribers.
When your email marketing technique is properly executed, dormant subscribers are something that you’ll rarely have to deal with.

The reason I’m able to get open-rates of up to 60% and keep those numbers high is because I’m really good at making sure my list gets contacted within moments of subscribing thank to an email autoresponder.

Most statistics indicate that between 60% – 70% of active email lists are dormant. That alarming statistic means that most bloggers haven’t caught onto the fact that an email autoresponder is absolutely crucial to starting a blog.

After a subscriber gets their 1st email from me, I start motivating them to begin taking an action.

If you want to know how – please subscribe.

Hint: I use the combination of an autoresponder + free giveaway to get the relationship started.

7. Email On Purpose

Have a clear focus behind each email that is sent to your list.

Including multiple links that lead to the same destination is a great strategy that keeps people on track.

Most web-users are more savvy then marketers give them credit for.

If someone mouses over a link and sees it’s going to a certain destination and then mouses over another link only to see a different destination, that usually leads to paralysis.

If your email reader doesn’t know what you want them to do, they usually won’t do anything.


Because it’s easier.

email marketing tips and technique

When given more than 1 choice, most people will choose not to choose.

Your email subscribers will greatly appreciate it if you told them exactly what to click and why.

The energy they save by not having to choose on their own is energy they can therefore use when choosing what to buy from you.

Wrapping Up

Their are literally hundreds of different email marketing tips and techniques that have been shared online over the years.

But keep in mind, every business is different.

Statistics are proven that email marketing is the most cost effective marketing channel on the planet. So if any of these email marketing strategies I’ve shared with you don’t seem to work for you, try something different.

Just like email segmentation, not everything is cookie cutter perfect for every person.

At the end of the day, a survey or questionairre to your subscribers can always help you re-identify the needs of your list.

What email marketing tips and techniques have you found work best for you? Please comment below and if this article helped you, consider sharing it on Facebook to help others.

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