Secrets for Creating a Remarkable Online Network Marketing Website

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Network marketing websites are very different from standard websites.

While every business and service online is forced to compete on price, network marketing websites are judged by value.

If you’re in the network marketing profession, you can instantly stand out as a leader in your business by using the internet to build your business.

Creating relationships, providing solutions and reaching out are important actions for the success of any network marketing professional.

And by designing a website with these principles in mind, network marketing websites have the ability to create an environment where products are sold easily and you’re only talking to people who want to talk to you first.

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Over 5,000 People Join A Network Marketing Company Every Day

Many of the people who join a network marketing opportunity were never recruited.

A network marketers website provided enough value that the visitor opted into their list and the relationship began.

Through providing free value and sharing useful, actionable information you’re able to capture your website visitors email address to continue keeping in touch with them.

A few of these visitors will also give you their phone numbers. Obviously, those are highly interested prospects.

Just the sheer volume of searches for “make money from home” or “make money online” are enough to generate millions of leads a day for network marketers.

The beauty of a personally branded network marketing website is the ability to personalize it enough to be able to attract like-minded individuals to your business.

Let’s face it, we’re not all perfect personality matches for each other.

We all have a personality type we work best with as well as a personality type we don’t work well this.

It’s human nature and it’s perfectly fine.

And online, it works the exact same way.

Your story, your purpose, and your brand will attract people to your business who want to work with you.

No other type of website connects with people like a network marketing website.

After the connection

You can build your network marketing business online and you can build it offline. But you can’t build it without the phone.

Here’s one catch: If your only intention with your network marketing website is to get customers, based on the type of product or service it is, it’s extremely likely you can do this without needing to talk on the phone with anyone.

But if you’re intention is to grow a team and build a network marketing empire, then you’re going to need to pick up the phone and call the people who are giving you their phone numbers.

No one is going hop online and spend $500+ to join your network marketing business without talking to you first.

Advanced Technique: You can also employ specific strategies with your website to market the business opportunity specifically to your customers through social media ad campaigns or email marketing campaigns.

Any network marketing professional who injects consistent value into the marketplace will stand out as a leader online.

Through blogging, creating YouTube videos, Facebook LIVE videos, Instagram LIVES, etc or using any other platform that has a reach of millions, you can turn your website into the central hub for all of this personally branded content.

By getting people to your website, you’ll begin to learn where your visitors are finding you online and what type of content is performing the best for you.

Unlike a standard website where price determines value, the value your network marketing website provides determines your worth. Not the price of joining.

By learning the content that really resonates with your visitors and being able to identify your best traffic source, you’ll be able to easily optimize around attracting more of your ideal customers or business partners to your website.

When you have a customer who simply finds your website and places an order for products, we suggest calling them.

Introduce yourself and let them know you’ll be there if they have any questions about the products or services.

Doing this establishes an even stronger relationship and you’ll be surprised when you discover that some of your customers already know who you are!

During this initial call, it’s very important to learn what drove them to your website. This will allow you to determine whether they’re open to learning more about the business side of the opportunity or if they just want to take the product / use the service.

You Get Options

With a personally branded network marketing website, you get the pleasure of a website that serves 2 purposes:

  1. Sell Products or Services
    • Depending on what type of network marketing business you’re in, your blog posts and lead magnets can be geared towards sharing information and generating customers.
  2. Sign-Up Business Partners
    • With some advanced technique like re-targeting and email marketing you can cultivate the relationships online and offline that lead to recruiting prospects seamlessly into your business.

This unique, dual-purposed strategy has been extremely effective for professional network marketers who want to build their business using the internet.

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Blog Setup Tips for Network Marketers
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