How to Make $10,000/Month Network Marketing Online

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Network Marketing Online Takes Commitment, Persistence and Massive Action

Making $10,000 a month in network marketing is the ideal goal to aim for when you begin network marketing online.

Currently, there are millions of network marketers, but only a few thousand professional network marketing websites.

That leaves a huge opportunity for anyone who’s wanting to become a leader in their niche and build their network marketing business online.

Some of the top earners in the network marketing profession have been using their websites for years to build their businesses. In this article, I’ll share a few key principles they used to build up the massive followings they have today.

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Path to making $10,000/Month Network Marketing Online

Making $120,000/year breaks down to only $461.53/day working 5 days a week.

If you break that down hourly, it’s about $57/hour.

For most people, enrolling just one person into their company pays more than that per hour.

Understanding how much you need to make at the most basic level is key for achieving the massive goals you have.

Anytime your goals make you feel like you’re reaching too high, just remember there are million-dollar monthly earners inside the network marketing profession earning a monthly income of $83,333 and a weekly income of $20,833.

If they’re only working 5 days a week they’re earning $4,166.65 a day or $520.83/hour after an 8 hour day.

So finding a way to make $57/hour and bringing home $10,000/month by building your network marketing business online is something that is extremely achievable with a few consistent strategies in place.

Your Numbers

Knowing how many leads you need to get in order to generate a customer or prospect will speed up your goal of making $10,000/month with your online network marketing business.

If you blog for a month and generate 4 new customers and 2 new business partners, but have no idea how many leads it took to get those new additions to your business, then it’s impossible to project how many leads you need in order to make $10,000 a month.

So let’s start by keeping track of your numbers.

We’ve found that the average professional network marketing client we manage converts their website traffic at about 5%. So out of 1,000 visitors, they will generate about 50 new leads.

So out of 1,000 visitors, they will generate about 50 new leads.

The goal is for you to build a relationship and work with 10% of your leads. Not all of them, just 10%.

So 50 new leads means you should selling your product or service to at least 5 of them.

If your numbers are much lower than this, then there is something wrong with your message, branding, solutions, design or giveaway.

When your website is new and doesn’t have much content, your main focus should be on making sure your content is everywhere.

Want to do videos? Make sure they’re on all the major video websites like Vimeo, YouTube, etc and linked back to an article on your website.

If you blog, make sure you are sharing your content to every relevant group you can find on Facebook and Google+.

Getting that initial surge of consistent traffic by sharing valuable content in the marketplace is what will

Once you’ve gotten 20 – 25 new prospect or new customers, you should have a good idea of how many leads it takes to get those interested buyers.

Now that you know how many leads it takes to get a new customer you can put a value on your customers.

(X) number of leads = 1 new customer/business partner = $80

That would mean you need to generate 5.7 (let’s say 6) new sales in a day to stay on pace for $10k a month.

In order to get 6 new customers or prospects, you need to just multiply 6 by the number of leads it takes to get 1 new customer or business partner.

Goal setting 101: Know your numbers and know your target.

The Network Marketing Online Difference

In network marketing, the goal is to create residual income and duplication in your organization.

Keep in mind, the people who join your business are going to want to build their business the same way you built yours.

The beauty of most network marketing opportunities is the amazing compensation plan each company offers and the multi-level income payments you can receive off of your team.

By having access to a tool or training system to show your team how to do exactly what you did, you will start to reap the benefits of their efforts as well.

That’s how to build a network marketing business quickly online and how top-earners 10x their results and earn millions in monthly residual income.


Having a personally branded network marketing website is a requirement for any type of massive online network marketing success.

Your website is your hub where you create and send out valuable content to be found by people who are looking for what you do.

Without a place to capture lead information and ability to use remarketing technology to brand yourself with that individual you will have to work 4 – 5 times harder than someone who is utilizing these strategies.

Obviously, online you are able to do things you aren’t able to do offline. Google has leveled the playing field and is fair game for anyone wanting to capture an audience.

Paid Google ads are great, but the ultimate lead is a free lead.

Content Marketing

Blogging for network marketing requires you to know a pain your target audience is struggling with or identify an area that needs more attention that is being ignored.

Once you are able to identify this, you can begin injecting value into the marketplace by providing solutions and sharing content related to solving those industry related concerns.

Social Media

On social media, the only real way to make consistent money is by running paid ads.

Facebook is the cheapest channel for paid advertising and allows you to really narrow down your target market to a level that is unheard of.

Your goal when first starting out on social media should be to automate this process.

Since the organic posts on social media bring little to no revenue to your business, it’s best to automate those posts with a social media automation tool that simply share relevant new content to your followers.

You can use a tool like Buffer to accomplish that. Take a look at our list of 7 Free Tools & Plugins All Network Marketing Websites Need.


Organic Google search results for long-term keywords are a goldmine for online network marketers.

That’s where your blog content shows up and where 40% of people click.

With Google getting over 1 billion searches a day, over 400,000 people are clicking on organic results every day.

Running paid ads on Google is the quickest way to grow your customer base and built a list of qualified leads.

Email Marketing

A wise man once said about network marketing, “You can build your business online or you can build it offline, but you can’t build it without the phone.”

If your goal is to acquire business partners and grow your network marketing team online, the main purpose of your email marketing campaign should be to get phone numbers.

Gary Vaynerchuk has a book called Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook which means Give, Give, Give, ASK.

By offering solutions, advice and tips, you’ll earn the right to able to sell your subscribers something or recommend a service.

This can all be setup to be done automatically through your email autoresponder service.

The Total Online Network Marketing Package

By providing a complete solution and being in every conceivable place people might be looking to consume your content, your number of leads, customers and business partners will continually grow.

And as you provide your new business partners with tips on how to build their network marketing business online, you will create duplication in your MLM organization that creates residual income with or without your efforts.

For long-term and sustained growth in your business, you should never stop providing value to the marketplace.

There are always new needs and concerns that need to be addressed when network marketing online.

By taking advantage of content marketing strategies, social media management tools, Search Engine Optimization and Email Marketing you can automate your lead generation process and calculate how much traffic and how many leads you need in order to make $10,000/month network marketing online.

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Blog Setup Tips for Network Marketers

Blog Setup Tips for Network Marketers
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