The amount of additional income streams you can create by blogging is mind-blowing.

People make money blogging through a variety of ways.

A simple and quick way is to do a search for “blogging sites that pay” or go to Fiverr and offer your services as a blogger.

In this article I’m going to share the various ways people make money blogging for their business.

Social Media is Required

If you have a blog, but you don’t have any social media accounts, what are you doing?

Social media is the bloggers best friend. All the relevant, new content you create should immediately be sent across your social media channels.

If you want to be a real nerd about it (like me), you can study the best times to post on each channel.

With the introduction of social media, you already have a global audience, solving the bloggers number 1 problem.

What Do People Make Money Blogging About?

Let me help you understand the mentality of some of the world’s most successful bloggers.

The money is made in your e-mail list.

You’re blogging to collect leads.

As you create new content and publish it, you’re going to syndicate it across social media and email it to your list.

Very important, don’t forget to email it to your list.

After you’ve sent a few emails where you provide value and a solution to a problem they were dealing with, it’s much easier to recommend your service to them.

Services that generate hundred of thousands of dollars in revenue.

I’ve seen bloggers with lists of 700,000 people. Depending on the industry, that’s a million dollar list.

So your best bet is to blog in a way that gives so much value to your audience, that they want more.

They will subscribe simply to hear more from you.

How To Build A List

This is the fun part of creating content.

Giving your audience something that’s so good, they don’t want to miss what you put out next.

Sometimes people will subscribe to your list just to see what you’re about.

And sometimes those people end up buying something because you were so convincing in your emails!

Lead magnets are the #1 way to begin building your email list.

It might take you a day to set up, but it’s 100% worth it.

Many people like to scrape Social Media for their email list.

Scraping social media means using a tool that goes through your friends or connections and gathers data like email addresses or phone number, etc.

I’m not a fan of this method. While I’ve heard of people being successful and getting good clients, it’s just a little not my style.

Exit intent pop-ups are underutilized.

An exit intent pop-up is currently a desktop only feature.

When someone moves their mouse into the browser bar or to the bottom of the screen, a pop-up is triggered.

The exit intent pop-up is great because if the visitor never leaves your website, they never see the pop-up.

I’ve been to websites where the exit intent pop-up was an offer for 30% OFF what I was looking at. All I needed to do was enter in my email and the 30% off coupon showed up in my email.

I went from abandoning the website, to giving them my email address and coming back to spend money.

MailMunch offers a great pop-up plugin for WordPress with an awesome exit intent feature.

Blogging is Lead Capture

The person with the most leads has the best blog.

If you want to know how much money can you make blogging, ask yourself how many leads am I generating.

How many email addresses am I collecting?

If you’re not collecting enough email addresses, than you have to take it even further and ask yourself questions about traffic and content.

Contact us to help you out.

Once you begin collecting a lead a day, you’ll know what’s working and what isn’t.

If you implement paid marketing as well as social media marketing, you can really turn on the leads by driving targeted traffic to your articles and offers. Much of that traffic will either join your list or make a purchase on the spot.

About The Author

George Azide is a network marketing professional and digital marketer who shows entrepreneurs how to use proven online strategies to find new business partners and customers using the internet.

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