There are only a few articles written about this.

While reading through them, I noticed they were all missing one key point.

But before I get to that, there’s something you have to understand.

Blogging is a long-term marketing strategy.

The money you can generate from your blog will not be seen overnight.

But there is no other type of marketing that can compete with the ROI (return on investment) and authority that blogging gives you.

How to launch your blog

If you’re using paid marketing or a ppc campaign, then launching your blog is pretty easy.

Set a budget, and let it fly.

But if you’re just launching from scratch with no paid marketing, I suggest you get a Google Adsense account.

A few well-positioned ads on your website will actually make it feel more familiar and appealing to the your visitors.

While Google Adsense is nice to have and will earn you a few cents a day, it won’t be nearly enough to sustain a full-time income any time soon. You should add it to your blog simply for aesthetics and psychological reasons.

Google Adsense is a property owned by the same people who own Google. So by displaying Google Adwords ads on your website, you could be helping your ranking in Google as well.

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How often should you update your blog?

Part of the psychology behind the launch process of a blog is to overwhelm the marketplace as best you can with your content.

Familiarity breeds comfort.

The more content and useful information you create, the more the marketplace will embrace and support you.

If your blog offers affiliate products, creative services, online business services, or any service that can be sold before or without needing to speak with somebody, then these numbers will tell you exactly how often you should be blogging to make money.

Every person who subscribes to your email list is a lead.

Once a person subscribes to your list, you should then introduce yourself and tell them what they can expect from your emails.

From there you can begin telling them more about your service(s) or product(s) and offer discounts.

The bigger your list, the bigger your list of interested buyers.

If you don’t have a product or service to promote, join a free affiliate network and promote a product in your niche that can help your audience.

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If you want 20 – 25 leads a week…


Do this for 6 months and your life will begin to change. It takes commitment and planning and overcoming adversity, but bloggers who craft good content or are resourceful enough can become an industry leader after 6 months of consistent effort.

Getting this many leads per week should generally begin converting into sales with 30 days.

Once you’ve gotten the momentum from generating sales, it’s time to begin outsourcing some tasks so you can keep up with the demand without letting your online presence take a hit.

Stopping and starting is hard. So you might as well not stop.

If you want 10 – 15 leads a week…


There are ways to hack this number and get a lot more than 10 – 15 leads a week from just 3 new pieces of content a week.

This article is assuming you don’t have a huge social following or any advertising budget. If so, syndicating your articles across social media and websites likes, Viral Content Buzz, and Google Adwords will expand your reach online.

While this may not sound like very many leads, sometimes even just 1 sale is enough to jump-start you into profit. Profits you can invest back into your blog to multiply the results.

If you want 1 – 5 leads a week…


Obviously, attracting 1 – 5 leads a week to your business should never be the goal. That isn’t enough to ever get anything accomplished.

You’re better off simply promoting your website in forums and groups online related to your industry. Use Quora, to find questions related to what you do and post answers with keywords linking back to your website.

This is a strategy that is slow and painful. You’ll be doing tons of work for very little pay-off.

The only way to offset the work is by paying for Google Adwords or Facebook Ads to promote your content for you.

By doing that, you can get way more than 1 – 5 leads a weeks.

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If you want 100+ leads a week…

Consistent traffic, content creation and promotion all must be running like a well oiled machine.

If you’re wanting to earn a better than average living online, be ready to run multiple social media channels, blog 5+ times a week, create an amazing email auto-responder sequence and run a few paid ads.

The reason your auto-responder is so important is because your email list is where the majority of your income is generated.

Setting up guest blogging opportunities will help you reach another influencers audience and will grow your following as well.

Paid ads is a requirement.

Commitment is key.

If you’re able to create daily content, syndicate it multiple times throughout the day on social media, guest blog 2-3 times a month and do a few paid ads, you can be generating over 100 leads a week in less than 6 months.

Blogging for leads & money

Generating over 100 leads a day with your blog takes consistent effort and time. As your audience grows and you provide more and more value to the marketplace, your leads will naturally increase.

Ideally, I would be able to inform you on how much money you can make from blogging based only on the number of leads you get.

But since each business is unique, it is up to you to determine the best way to convert your leads into customers. Having a variety of offers and price points to accommodate all levels of visitors to your site is ideal.

Get an online business analysis from Blog Setup Tips to see what strategy would work best for you.

Generally speaking, it’s estimated that every subscriber on your list is the equivalent of $1/month. This number varies, based on product pricing and industries, but it’s a good rule of thumb to keep in mind.

1,000 subscribers is worth $1,000/month to your business.

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How many leads do you think you would need in order to get a sale? Please comment below and share this article for a chance to win free blog hosting for a year!

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