Did you know that not all website traffic was created equal?

The most successful websites on the planet are utilizing a key tactic on how to get the best online traffic available to their website.

And the most amazing part is it’s 100% free.

By the end of this article (or the middle) you will know exactly what type of traffic this is and why buying traffic or paid traffic sources can’t compete.

Best Type of Free Online Traffic for Your Website

Let’s begin!

If you’re like most bloggers then you are probably guilty of focusing on 1 of 2 things.

Either on getting free traffic to your website through organic search results or on getting paid traffic to your website though pay-per-click ads.

While both of these methods can be effective for creating awareness and building a following for your brand, neither of them are as valuable as the method I’m going to detail for you in this article.

Organic traffic is the natural occurrence of somebody magically finding your website (usually on a search engine results page). Paid traffic is when you target a specific keyword or type of online user through a Google AdWords campaign or a social media marketing campaign.

Both of these forms of traffic have the ability to produce some good results for your website.

Best Type of Free Online Traffic for Your Website

But neither of them can compete with website traffic that you own.

What is website traffic that you own?

I don’t blame you for not being familiar with the concept of owning traffic online. It’s not something that is widely taught. In fact, this is probably the 1st time you’re reading about this online.

I’ve done hundreds of website reviews and only a handful have put any type of energy into doing what you’re about to learn.

So get ready.

When you first start creating a following online and people start to trust you they will begin subscribing to your email list.

When that happens, that subscriber has now become a source of traffic that you own. 

What this means is you can now reach out to that person at any time to bring them back to your website and generate free traffic.

This is a concept that is completely lost on anyone who doesn’t understand the power of email marketing.

The reason website traffic that you own is so valuable is because those are the people who like what you’re doing, want to emulate you or value your opinion.

Once you have a subscriber on your list, it’s time to begin prioritizing them over any other source of traffic online.

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Here’s the best way to increase your website traffic for free: Anytime you put out a new new blog post, email it to your list of subscribers immediately.

And whenever you have a new webinar or service or product available, the people on your list should be the very first ones to hear about it.

Why wouldn’t you promote your content and services first to the people who have already shown that they trust you? 

The biggest mistake you can make with your website is fail to build an email list from day one.

Start Your Free Trial Today!

I know of marketers who can send an email to their list of subscribers and immediately get 5,000+ people to their website in minutes.

Building up a substantial email list takes time. But it also gives you a greater sense of control over the amount of traffic and type of traffic you are getting to your website.

The amount you want is ALOT and the type you want is people who want what you have to offer.

The people who have given you their email address want what you have to offer.

They also tend to be more trusting of your advice, more passionate about what you’re offering and are more likely to buy a service or product that you’re promoting.

They wouldn’t subscribe to your list if they didn’t see value in being on it.

Traffic you own versus everything else

Organic traffic from SEO

Organic traffic that comes to your website is still a big deal.

It means that you’ve properly optimized your website to start showing when people are searching for something online.

Here’s the rub – if you optimize your site to show up but then the major search engines change the algorithm that has shown your website so much love, then all of a sudden all of that organic traction is now gone.

You now have to re-optimize your website which could cause you to have to wait months, before getting back to where you were.

Very scary.

What about paid traffic?

Paid traffic on the other hand is always going to list you at the top.

As long as you’re paying them, the search giants are going to prominently display you and listen to any request that you have.

The key phrase is “as long as you’re paying“.

What if one day you decide that you don’t want to pay?

The moment you do that is the moment that the traffic you were getting through those paid ads completely stops.

Good luck trying to replace all those lost visitors.

What about Social Media?

Social media traffic would be incredibly powerful, if everyone who liked your page saw your updates.

A recent article from Hubspot indicated that as few as 2% of your business page followers are seeing your page updates in their news feed on Facebook.

This is happening because you don’t own those users, Facebook does.

And if you want their users to see your service, blog posts or offers, you need to pay up.

But in the doomsday scenario that Facebook were to disappear tomorrow, you would lose that traffic as well.

This is why the most important thing for you to be doing right now is to be building up a large amount of traffic that you own, so you can start getting free traffic to your website.

By having that in place, anything that happens to a search engine algorithm, a marketing budget or a social media platform won’t stop you from directly ccommunicating with the people who want to hear more from you.

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I hope this post has helped you understand the importance of creating an email list from day one.

Any popular marketer, thought leader or influencer you currently follow already has this strategy in place.

And in this business there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Just take a look at what other successful people are doing and emulate that.

The best way to get free online traffic for your website is to start building up some traffic that you own.

What do you think? Please let me know in the comments.

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