Strategies Used By The Best Network Marketing Websites

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Personally branded network marketing websites help create trust and authenticity online.

The strategies below, when used consistently and correctly, will brand you as a leader in your field and allow you to begin generating sales and business partners through your website.

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you most likely enjoy a sense of uniqueness and originality in your business and/or personality.

You may attract a certain type of customer or client that others can’t or you might notice others attracting a certain type of person to their business that you can’t.

This is because people do business with people they know, like and trust. 

In this article, I’m going to give you a few online multi level marketing tips used by network marketers who have successfully built their entire organizations using the internet.

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Replicated MLM Websites Are VERY Limited

One of the biggest perks of joining any new network marketing company is the promise of a shiny new company replicated website to get you started.

Replicated MLM websites are the websites provided to distributors by their network marketing company. They are generally used to sell the company’s products and less often used to acquire business partners.

These website addresses usually look something like; http://YOURNAME.MLMCOMPANYNAME.COM.

Company replicated network marketing websites take the personal connection or any feeling of exclusiveness away from the customer.

Network marketing is about creating a connection with people then introducing them to something new or improved.

Your company replicated website is not capable of doing that. If anything, it pushes people away from you.

Here’s what I’m seeing happen more and more often;

  1. Network marketer sends or posts link to replicated company mlm website
  2. Person on the internet clicks link
  3. They see the company name and products.
  4. They open a new tab.
  5. They search company name on Google.
  6. A personally branded network marketing website shows up in the results.
  7. They click it.
  8. They read reviews and watch testimonials and see product demonstrations.
  9. They buy.
  10. And you never know any of this ever happened.

The New Way of Network Marketing Online

Savvy entrepreneurs and network marketers brand themselves online with their own personally branded website.

They do this because they understand that network marketing online is the only way to personally build a global team fast.

Network marketers who have created personally branded network marketing websites are able to recruit and prospect for any type of business all over the world.

Network Marketing Website Success Tips

Brand Yourself

Instead of branding the company all over social media, blogs and forums, brand yourself as an expert with your own web address.

The benefits of branding yourself include influence, recognition, authenticity and much more.

Be Visible

You need to provide value in the marketplace if you want to capture free sales and leads.

Blogging, YouTube vidoes and Facebook LIVEs are all incredibly powerful ways to succeed in network marketing today.

At the end of each blog article or video be sure to include a call-to-action that sends people back to a sign-up form on your website.

Track Everything

This is the #1 biggest benefit to having a personally branded network marketing website over a replicated company one.

Tracking is the only way to know where your efforts are paying off.

If you’re spending 3 hours a days posting links to your replicate company website and generating 1 sale a day, how the hell are you ever going to know where that sale came from???

Installing Google Analytics for free on your own personally branded website solves 90% of those issues.

Control The Conversation

Your homepage should clearly indicate who you are and what you do for people.

You can easily weed out tire kickers and entice those who want to take action with you.

Build Relationships

When a visitor comes to your personally branded website, you should have a free giveaway to offer them.

These free giveaways or lead magnets are used to collect visitor email addresses.

Once you’ve collected an email address from a visitor you can then stay in contact and communicate with them regularly.

Personally Branded Network Marketing Websites Are The Future

Let’s face it. If you’re building a business and not using the internet, your business doesn’t exist.

The network marketing profession is being given a bad reputation by overzealous, unprofessional network marketers who post their company replicated website on every website and post they come across.

This makes network marketing companies seem like get rich quick schemes or worse to most people.

But let’s say you’re in a health and wellness network marketing company and you built a personally branded website where you give away weekly health tips to your subscribers.

Instead of immediately pitching opportunities and money, you’ve identified that most people who are interested in your business want to get in better shape.

So giving away a weekly health tip or putting together a 90-day online boot-camp is something your target audience will relate too.

Don’t you think those people would be interested and highly-motivated to work with you directly?

You’ve now gone from being someone who’s pitching a business on the internet, to being someone who’s worth listening too.


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Blog Setup Tips for Network Marketers
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