3 Highest Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs for Network Marketers

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Making the decision to build your network marketing business online opens up a whole new world of affiliate programs for network marketers.

Once you’ve learned the basics to blogging, lead generation and email marketing with your website, you have the choice to get involved with affiliate programs for network marketers that could double or triple your monthly income.

As a network marketer, the last thing you want to become is someone who needs hundreds of affiliate sales a month in order to make the effort worth it. So by partnering with high-paying affiliate marketing companies who enhance your primary business objectives, you’ll discover some of the best affiliate programs for network marketers are related to training, personal development business resources.

This approach allows you earn income from more than just your network marketing opportunity. Now when someone wants a tip or inside advice from you, you can send them your affiliate link for a course you’re a fan of and get paid for the suggestion.

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How to Become an Affiliate Marketer

This trick to becoming an affiliate marketer and finding the best affiliate marketing programs is awareness.

By paying attention to the daily tools or resources you casually use every day, you might be surprised to find that there’s a service or resource you’ve been using and recommending for years that offers an affiliate program.

You can usually locate whether or a company offers an affiliate marketing program by heading over to the websites footer area. That’s where you’ll generally see the word “Affiliates” and when you click on it, you’re able to apply.

Most affiliate marketing application processes require a you have a website URL to register online. This is where you need to enter in your personally branded website URL.

3 Highest Paying Affiliate Programs for Network Marketers

1. ClickFunnels

When it comes to network marketing online and building your business on the internet, sales funnels are something you should be very familiar with. There is proven psychology and data that goes into the creation of a sales funnel and the team over at ClickFunnels has mastered it.

When a buyer purchases a ClickFunnels subscription through your affiliate link, you receive 40% (recurring) commission on the sale.

ClickFunnels is already the best funnel creation system to use for creating network marketing funnels. Most network marketers find success simply by doing a review of ClickFunnels and include an affiliate link to a sign up page on the resources tab of their website.

The duplication required for a successful network marketing business is at it’s best when you create a funnel and can give it away to your team members. The affiliate income you accrue along with the residual income from your network marketing sales volume is enough for many network marketers to quit jobs and become full-time marketers or entrepreneurs.

2. Udemy

Udemy is the world’s largest website for online courses. The world we live in is thirsty for knowledge and Udemy is the only place to instantly access high-level courses on 1,000’s subjects.

While you may be late to the party and just now are hearing about Udemy, they offer some of the highest rated courses in business, marketing, entrepreneurship, and more all taught by some of the brightest professionals in the world.

Our network marketing clients who take advantage of the Udemy affiliate program, powered by Rakuten enjoy 40% commissions on courses that help their team members develop skills necessary to succeed.

Once you’ve built your team to over 100 business partners, you will find yourself answering the same questions over and over again. With a Udemy affiliate program membership you can now simply share a link to a course that answers and trains on that specific topic for your team member to learn from.

Udemy courses are packed with insane amounts of value. One of the biggest benefits of being a Udemy affiliate is getting notified monthly of when the sales are in order to take advantage of the promotions yourself.

3. My Lead System Pro

This is where $100 commissions are the norm.

Every network marketing professional who has used the internet to build their business will tell you, My Lead System Pro is the most powerful resource and tool you can ever hope to have at your fingertips when you first get started.

My Lead System Pro is a an online marketing system built for network marketers by network marketers. And by offering one of the most lucrative affiliate programs for network marketers in the world, you’re able to earn up to 100% commission on products.

If you sell a $297 Prospecting and Recruiting Course somewhere, you make $297. The team and the product that the guys at My Lead System Pro have put together is truly remarkable.

Since technically My Lead System Pro is a training platform, there’s a monthly fee in order to have full access to the enterprise level web-hosting, premium themes, high-level training, CRM, etc. But taking the 10-day trial of this system is well worth it to see what you can learn and uncover what you can make as an affiliate with My Lead System Pro before diving in.

Some of the highest-earners in the network marketing profession can be found using this system. Legends in the industry, like Ray Higdon, have even put together courses that are ONLY available through My Lead System Pro.

This affiliate program for network marketers is our #1 recommendation and when you become a member you automatically become eligible for their affiliate program that pays out 100% commissions on many products.

Top Network Marketing Affiliate Programs

These affiliate programs for network marketers were chosen from a list of over 100 affiliate marketing companies of which I joined over 42.

There are literally thousands of affiliate marketing opportunities available but only a few that make sense for network marketers to join.

Take advantage of the additional opportunities you have to promote education and learning as a leader in your business. The highest paying companies with affiliate programs offer some of the best resources for those in the network marketing profession to use.

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